[Saturday, March 10, 2018] Former White House strategist Steve Bannon holds a press conference with National Front party leader Marine Le Pen, right, at the party congress in the northern French city of Lille. Far-right French leader Marine Le Pen has met with former White House strategist Steve Bannon and signaled her interest in his project to help European populist parties, just days after rejecting assistance from an American. (AP Photo)

Nothing exposes our racism and bigotry better than the history of a seedy racist diatribe by obscure French writer Jean Raspail. Lauded by conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic, it stands as a monument to White privilege and racism.

Nothing exposes our racism and bigotry better than the history of a seedy racist diatribe by an obscure French writer first published in 1973, followed by an English edition in 1975. The Camp of the Saints: The End of the White Race by Jean Raspail was largely and appropriately ignored…

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Americans claim to be appalled by mass shootings. We talk about it, that’s all. But while gun deaths rise and media blathers on about gun controls, the problem is culture. Violence is interwoven into the fabric of American culture as an approved form for solving problems.

Where are we to be safe? Where can I go with my family and not worry about becoming more numbers on a page no one reads, part of more statistics on violence in America? Statistics our leaders tell us not to overreact seeing, reading, or becoming. Nowhere in this country…

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Work. It is a simple four-letter word with a multitude of meanings. Each of us has a definition, but some things preface our attempts to define what it is and what it means.

First and foremost, all human beings are deserving of dignity and respect. Dignity is something we all…

Our civilization is crumbling, but our response is indifference. We pretend nothing has changed and life can go on as it has been. We anesthetize ourselves with pleasures and material trivialities. We lose ourselves in our addictions to smart phones and other lollypop devices.

We live at the precipice, at the edge of the abyss. It is slowly crumbling, but we go on with our lives as if nothing has changed. We shop, dine, work, and play. We go through the motions of life without living. We are focused on ourselves.

Meanwhile, the chaos…

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The Universe is so vast, it is beyond our capabilities to truly comprehend. Yet, we mainly persist in the belief we are the reason for its existence. Our current view of life is that it is rare because we lack the means of knowing otherwise. Perhaps we are ignoring evidence…

1940s picture of the “Big Four” Trestle over the Wabash River in Wabash, Indiana

Death! Hearing the word brings forth images and thoughts of finality. We all remember our first encounter. The demise of insects and other creatures around us probably had little impact, experiencing the loss of a grandparent, parent, sibling, or someone else close to us die left an indelible mark we…

Jerry M Lawson, "De omnibus dubitandum"

Writer and artist. Published over 150 essays, stories, and articles in 20+ publications and recognized as a Top Writer in History, Science, and Space.

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